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Manga Artist and Illustrator Recruitment

We are looking for Manga Artists and Illustrators!

From publishing books to creating illustrations for famous games,
Sideranch is experienced in many different areas!

We are looking for motivated creators to produce illustrations, manga, books, news articles, or many different products.
Please use the form below to send your details and work samples.

About Manga Artist Recruitment

We are currently looking for manga artists who can do any of the following points: 
● Drawing action stories,
● Creating serialized stories for men,
● Creating good storyboards with a solid foundation as a manga artist
● Drawing attractive backgrounds, such as fantasy worlds,
● Creating serialized stories for women,
● Drawing more than 80 pages.
*Please note that we may not be able to send you a job depending on the requested design and the timing of your application.

Application Form

Please be sure to fill in the * marks as they are required.

Please note that we do not provide a working visa.

Artist Recruitment Form
Any online platform where we can check your work
If you have a favorite genre or work, please write it above. We will use it as a reference for future projects.
If you have any request, please write it above.

*We will contact you once there is any applicable production request matching your info. Please note that we may not contact you if there is any suitable request available.
*Once we contact you when there is a suitable request, please fill out our contract (confidentiality/production consignment).
*The transmitted information is protected by SSL encrypted communication.